"Children do not need to be made to learn about the world, or shown how. They want to, and they know how." -John Holt

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Big Day

At last, it was finally Gabriel's turn for a birthday. We had been counting down for months.

Of course the weather decided to get sassy on us and had us jumping inside and out all afternoon, dodging rain and thunder, but we still manged to do some swimming and got the dragon egg hunt completed.

During the pinata bashing, it started to downpour so we continued the festivities indoors.

After the abuse went on long enough, I had to claw the poor castle open and shake the contents out. Pandemonium ensued.

With the sun trying to peek back out, we headed outside again for cake which deserves it's own picture as it took me over two hours to frost.

Luckily someone took over and massacred my masterpiece into child-sized portions since I couldn't bring myself to do it and it was enjoyed by all.

Even Caden, who didn't notice the frosting was missing on his... All in all, it was a royal success fit for a knight! Many thanks to all our guests! :)

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jocelyn said...

um, I'm no expert, but I don't think castles are blue.

"By nature people are learning animals. Birds fly; fish swim; humans think and learn. Therefore, we do not need to motivate children into learning by wheedling, bribing, or bullying. We do not need to keep picking away at their minds to make sure they are learning. What we need to do - and all we need to do - is to give children as much help and guidance as they need and ask for, listen respectfully when they feel like talking, and then get out of the way. We can trust them to do the rest."
John Holt
"In the end, the secret to learning is so simple: Think only about whatever you love. Follow it, do it, dream about it...and it will hit you: learning was there all the time, happening by itself." -Grace Llewellyn
"What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge, not knowledge in pursuit of the child."
George Bernard Shaw
Real, natural learning is in the living. It's in the observing, the questioning, the examining, the pondering, the analyzing, the watching, the reading, the DO-ing, the living, the breathing, the loving, the JOY. It's in the joy. ~Anne Ohman
"How could youth better learn to live than by at once trying the experiment of living?" -Henry D. Thoreau